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id#XX02018: Boo I've been Adopted
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[picture of Boo, a Domestic Short Hair black/white\ cat]

GENDER: Male (sterilized)
BREED: Domestic Short Hair black/white
Estimated Birthday: 7/21/17
  • Boo is spunky, playful and good natured. He would love a famiy who will shower him with attention and consider letting him sleep in bed with them. He gets along well with dogs and would love a kitty playmate in his new home. He has been hand raised as an orphan kitten and loves to suck on his human mom's fingers. Do you have lots of love to share with Boo?
  • [another picture of Boo, a Domestic Short Hair black/white\ cat]

    Thanks for your interest. Even though I have a new family -- I have lots friends of mine that need homes too! See all the other cats --click here.
    [picture of Boo, a Domestic Short Hair black/white cat]


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