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[picture of Purcilla, a Russian Blue Mix blue\ cat]

GENDER: Female (sterilized)
BREED: Russian Blue Mix blue
Estimated Birthday: 4/2/14
LITTER: et3831
This sweet affectionate kitty came to rescue from a hoarder. She lived with several other cats, she would now like to be the only kitty in a calm loving home. She has competed vetting encluding a full dental. She is eager and ready for a loving home where she can spend lots of time sharing love with her family. She does get IBS at times so is currently on prescription food to keep her digestive track healthy.
Consider taking me home with one of my littermates:
ET03832 Purcilla
ET03814 Ears (adopted)
ET03831 Purman

[another picture of Purcilla, a Russian Blue Mix blue\ cat]

We place cats only into San Diego County homes, and are unable to "ship" cats.
Adoption Contribution: $110
Your contribution helps cover basic care furnished to all cats.

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