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id#ET02815: Winston I've been Adopted
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[picture of Winston, a Bombay Mix black\ cat]

GENDER: Male (sterilized)
BREED: Bombay Mix black
Estimated Birthday: 12/1/14
  • Winston loves to cuddle and likes to be near his people and sometimes he likes to be on your lap. He does not care for other cats so best as an only kitty in his new home. He has been left behind multiple times in his life and really needs a forever home with patients where he can have time to trust and build a relationship. He is sensitive and can be spooked by loud noises and strangers.
  • [another picture of Winston, a Bombay Mix black\ cat]

    Thanks for your interest. Even though I have a new family -- I have lots friends of mine that need homes too! See all the other cats --click here.
    [picture of Winston, a Bombay Mix black cat]


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