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id#ET02264: Liza
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[picture of Liza, a Siamese snowshoe\ cat]

GENDER: Female (sterilized)
BREED: Siamese snowshoe
Estimated Birthday: 10/1/13
  • Sweet Liza was rescued off the streets with a bad eye infection and injury. She was treated and had surgery on her eyes to restore vision. She has excellent vision now but still has cosmetic damage to her left eye. There is a scar in her cornea that is visually white in the corner of her left eye. No pain and no need for any further treatment, just a distinguishing scar identifying her as a unique kitty. Do you have a place in your home for this sweet girl who has been through such a rough time in her life? She is on prescription Urinary food to help her stay heathy and avoid UTIs and crystals
  • [another picture of Liza, a Siamese snowshoe\ cat]

    We place cats only into San Diego County homes, and are unable to "ship" cats.
    Adoption Contribution: $80
    Your contribution helps cover basic care furnished to all cats.

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    [picture of Liza, a Siamese snowshoe cat] [picture of Liza, a Siamese snowshoe cat] [picture of Liza, a Siamese snowshoe cat]


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