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id#ET01531: Indy I've been Adopted
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*Not available for adoption. Please look at our other kitties.*

[picture of Indy, a Turkish Van Mix\ cat]

GENDER: Male (sterilized)
BREED: Turkish Van Mix
Estimated Birthday: 5/14/16
LITTER: et1530
  • Indy is a semi-feral cat who was trapped as a teen. He will be a great mouser for your garage, catio, or enclosed barn. He is good with other cats, but does not mind being the only mouser if you just need one! Indy has no intrest in people and will not be your friend, However he will eat your food drink your water, let you injoy watching him chase and eliminate any rodet issue you have.
    Consider taking me home with one of my littermates:
  • [another picture of Indy, a Turkish Van Mix\ cat]

    Thanks for your interest. Even though I have a new family -- I have lots friends of mine that need homes too! See all the other cats --click here.
    [picture of Indy, a Turkish Van Mix cat]


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