Basic Care Furnished: All cats are quarantined at least 5 days before being cleared for adoption. During the quarantine period any ailment appearing is appropriately treated and the following basic care is furnished. (NOTE: Not all cats see a veterinarian. A veterinary exam is recommended for all adopted cats.)

Basic Care

What that entails

Range of cost for service

Why do it?

1.      Spay/neuter

All cats have been neutered or spayed before adoption.

$15 - $60 neuter, $27 - $85 spay

Spay/neuter helps reduce the number of unwanted animals.

2.      FeLV/FIV testing

All adults have tested negative for feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus (FeLV & FIV). For kittens, we test either the queen or half the litter.

$25 - $90

(and may take several days for results)

Testing lets you know if you might have potentially high vet bills later on due to these contagious, incurable and fatal viruses.

3.      Vaccinations

All cats are current on their FVRCP (3-way) or FVRCP-C (4-way) inoculations

$25 - $75 per series

(plus an “Office Visit” just for these basic shots)

These are the minimum recommended “shots” for indoor cats.

4.      Deworming

All cats have been dewormed for roundworms and for tapeworms as needed

Roundwormer  $6 - $10 per dose

Tapewormer $10 - $15 per dose

Worms are very harmful to the health of your pet.

5.      “De-flea”

All cats have been treated with Advantageä, Frontline™, Revolution™, or similar product

$10 per month

Fleas can carry tapeworm larvae, make cats itch, and cause anemia in pets.

 Some cats may have received additional services such as: dental prophylaxis, microchipping, FeLV and/or rabies vaccine, partial digital amputation (declawing)*

* only if performed prior to our receipt of the animal.


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